Friday, March 27, 2009


So here they are, the jewelry we are putting on ETSY. Because we have also entered ourselves in the Hatch Market, we will only have a few available for sale before then. Let us know what you think by commenting here or sending us an email at

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, i.e. the heart earrings and the gear ring. We'll have better quality on etsy. Oh, and that won't be happening until Angie gets back from Austin on Sunday. She went to check out an awesome jewelry show and the city. Hopefully some of the people reading this are people she met out there. HI!

Also, this has been one miserable week down here in Athens, GA. It is currently STILL raining and has been doing so since Tuesday. On Monday I complained about how bad the pollen was, then on Tuesday the rain clouds rolled in and haven't let up yet. On a more exciting note, we have a new addition to our extended family. One of my very favorite (they're all my favorites) cousin, Jason and his wife Joana had a little girl. CONGRATS Y'ALL!!! We can not wait to meet her. :)

Details about the jewelry:

Picture 1 and 2, (starting from top) Sterling silver chain (34in) --thick braided chain with vintage clock hands and gears as the charms. $40.00

Picture 3, plastic hot pink hearts on a tiny brass gear, gold plated earring posts. $15.00

Pictures 4 and 5, Gold plated 20 in. chain (very dainty) with vintage brass clock gears, plastic, and enameled bead charms. $50.00

Pictures 6 and 9, sterling silver 16 in. chain with tiny gears and watch hand charms from a vintage pocket watch.

Pictures 7 and 8, sterling silver 16 in. chain with gears and nuts from a vintage wind-up clock. $25.00


ashkindred said...

very impressive. Love all of it.

erica said...

Thanks so much ash!!