Friday, March 20, 2009

Handy Parents

I thought I would post a few pictures to show how talented both my sister and parents are. Notice the new hardwood floors in our house. My dad spent hours of "back breaking" work (as he described it) putting them in. He had the whole house done in a month and they look great!! --so proud-- and they painted and added crown molding which has completely changed the look of the house. In the pictures you will also see Angie's Exit Show chairs, the culmination of her art degree from the University of Georgia..with a specialty in fabric design and textiles. I LOVE the chairs because of the mix between the funky pattern on the fabric and the traditional shape of the chair. They look great in my parents house but they are for sale!! Email Ang about details at if you're interested in them and don't forget she also does commissioned silk screening too!!

Just a little update on where we are in jewelry land; we have a lot of cool pieces done...necklaces, rings, and earrings, but have had the hardest time sitting down, taking pictures and uploading them to our ETSY page. Then, we decide we want to change some things on the ETSY page only to find out that it isn't as easy as we thought or hoped. I love technology but this process has made me want to throw my laptop out the window. Our number 1 goal now is to get the Etsy page done so everyone can take a look, give us some feedback and buy them!!!

This is a side note but, it's absolutely beautiful outside and it's almost 5 on Friday. Nice.

We have also been accepted as a vendor at the Hatch Market!!! Check out the website and make plans to attend!! :) The list of vendors has not been updated recently, so our name isn't on the list of acceptances...but I got the acceptance email Monday---hopefully they update the site soon.

--I feel like there have been several things I wanted to blog about this week and never sat down to do it.-- 1. We are still on the hunt for wind-up clocks/watches/pocket watches. If you find some in your attic or garage that you need to get rid of, let us take them off your hands. 2. I am so proud of my patience with our next door neighbor who is doing a complete renovation of their house. The company is well known around here and bought the house to "flip" it. It looks great but they have turned our already busy road into a one-lane busy road. No one wants to sit in traffic at 5, when they just got off work and you can see your front porch from your spot in the "line" wrapping around the corner and down the street. If I allowed it, my blood pressure would rise just describing it...but with my new outlook on life, I'm not going to let it affect my mood. They'll be done soon....and if they aren't I'm almost sure I can count on the neighbors on the other side to get in touch with whoever regulates jerks who park all over the road. :) 3. Sound Tribe Sector 9 is here in Athens playing at the Georgia Theater for 3 whole nights. I'm not the biggest fan but my boyfriend is slightly obsessed. My 2 favorite things about them are Kris Davidson, who does performance paintings and the fans. I love their style, it's hard to describe (kind of hip-hop hippie), but they are the most colorful, fashion-minded people ever. Their choice in footwear is awesome. (think neon and Nike's)

Alright, it's 5 til 5. I'm headed home....I'm sure to wait in traffic. Did I mention I live walking distance to work (like around the corner)'s what I get for not walking.

I'll leave everyone with their horoscope for the weekend from Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

I love the look of the floors, the chairs, the paint and woodwork, the jewelery - everything and I hate it that I can't see it in person. Thanks for posting the pictures. Your Dad and Mom did a wonderful job on the house; you and Angie are gifted artists and your handiwork is gorgeous, too. Love to all.