Monday, September 28, 2009

Back in the grind

I'll spare you the "sorry for not blogging/we've been super busy/we moved away from each other making working on this project together complicated....and that has taken away time for blogging" spiel, and go straight into what we've been up to. We got back Sunday Sept 20th from Arts in the Heart 2009, an art festival in Augusta GA. The festival is huge, there were 130 other artists all hocking their peices/treasures. I had the pleasure of being neighbors with Billy S, a very well known artist from Augusta, He was great. It, poured Friday night but, it was beautiful Saturday and it brought the crowds out. We actually placed third in the juried art selection. I KNOW!! I was so sad that Angie wasn't there to accept the award with me (yes, I got to go on stage, and get a check, and get a big ribbon....they could have given me that ribbon and I would have been just as happy). My wonderful boyfriend stepped in and helped set up and break down my little shop six times! (no wonder I'm so sore). All in all it was a complete success, I had a great time, met A LOT of cool people and, got some really good feedback on our stuff. Thanks to Brenda Durant and her staff and the volunteers for such a wonderfully organized event! We hope to make it back next year. I also hope that everyone who bought one of our pieces is enjoying it thoroughly.

The next steps we will be taking will obviously be to put everything we didn't sell up on ETSY. We've got some really, really cute rings and bracelets. Check the shop soon at Which reminds me, we haven't updated that little shoppe in quite a while, so excuse it if it's a mess. We're still working out the style of our graphics and signs. You'll notice we changed the header to the blog and put the old image at the bottom. We'll see how this fits before changing it again. It's hard to identify your work with images and font, it's a lot harder than I had imagined in the beginning. We want to creat a sort of vintage/antique/classy/whimsical we'll see if we can accomplish that.

Here are some lovely pictures from Arts in the heart 2009:

Thankfully the rain came after we set up Friday night

Making the best of it

The necklace on the left is $58.00 and the one the right is $44.00. Both are made with brass gears. The tri-necklace on the right is sterling silver at the top and also has laser cut wooden gears.

Oh, I love sweater clips. The one on the top has clocks from wrist watches from the 50's and 60's. One is actually like a locket and opens. The strands between are made of brass balancing wheels from pokcet watches, gold plated chain, and turquouise plastic beads. The top is going for 48.00. The clasps are like little alligator teeth clips and will handle lots of wear. The clip on the bottom is made from pieces of the movement within a pocket watch and the chain is sterling silver. It reminds me of wings, so that's what I've named it :) ---costs $36.00

The earrings and bracelet sold but we still have the dainty balancing wheel necklace, cute with everything and great for layering.

I made a few brooches and they turned out so cute, they look great on peacoats.

This one's for you Ang ;)