Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Skinny...

We have not been posting as regularly as we should. And I'm not making any excuses....except for the fact that we're both packing, planning a move, working at our "real" jobs and enjoying time with our pugs in the very little free time we have...those are not excuses :). I'm reformed now. Having decided that this will take priority in my week over NYC Prep. Either way, you'll hear from me more it or not. Sorella Designs and Co. spent the fourth of July weekend in Athens and I think our fireworks show was bigger than the city's. Don't tell anyone that, I'm sure it wasn't legal. Although we took all safety measures possible.

This is Rosa, she was awesome.

I bought an awesome painted nightstand from Kristen Fountain Davis of KFD Designs, (I can not plug her enough, she is so talented and I love her taste) for my new house. It was built in 1918, before closets apparenltly but FULL of charm. Picture hanging molding, a claw foot tub, and a very nice rocking chair front porch. We've purchased some pieces we plan to refinish and I hope to post before and after pictures when we get time to actually do it. It's overwhelming to think about all that has to be accomplished in a little less than a month...AH we'll get it all done, I'm not worried a bit.

This is Kristen's masterpeice

We officially changed our name to Sorella Designs and Company. Now I have to change the banner and maybe the blog web address....maybe not. Building a website will be the next step. But we do have a Tax I.D. number!! and a small business bank account. Both were extremely satisfying to have accomplished after starting this whole venture. We're learning new techniques and getting stocked for Arts in the Heart of Augusta. A HUGE arts festival, if you can make it, you should!! It's September 18, 19, and 20, 2009.
It's late, my witty banter has faded and all inspiration has gone to thinking about how my sheets are still in the dryer. I promise I'll post something pretty that has been inspiring us. I have a few artists in mind that everyone should know about too. **sweet dreams

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Kristen said...

aw thanks!! :) i hope it makes you happyyyyyyy!!

i have a couple of new pieces too, if you know anyone that needs anything!!