Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For A "Beary" Good Cause

We kind of have this little mascot/logo that Angie designed in Japan and we have been hand silkscreening onto hand dyed tees, onsies, anything we can get our hands on. It's been a big hit and until this past weekend we didn't really have many of the tee shirts on hand because they sold so quickly. We decided to set up shop...might as well have been a sweat shop, in my parents garage and pumped out a bunch of these VERY cute tees in lots of different color combinations for guys and girls. The design is an wise of us :) The tees are Hanes white v-necks and round necks in all sizes that have been dyed and won't fade. Once dyed and dried (jeez, with all these ryhmes maybe I should contact so so def... kidding and I have no idea why I'm so cheezy tonight) we screenprinted the owl design strategically in the upper/center of the chest and allowed to dry. Did I mention they won't fade, we used permanent screen printing dyes. A special thanks goes to Mom for working for free and thanks Dad for all of your advice in between watching the golf network, eh it was Father's Day, what do you expect. The even better news is that we have decided to donate a portion of the sales of these shirts to Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail, those of you in Athens, I'm sure you have heard of or even been to the small zoo that houses wildlife that can not be released back into nature. It's a great little place and I have gone there for walks and runs since I moved to Athens 9 years ago. Because they have several owls that they take care of there, we thought we'd like to help out with their expenses...and of course the other animals too. The shirts are $20.00 each and a fourth of each sale will be donated. We hope you are as excited as we are to help out such a great cause. At the moment we don't have many pictures of the tees we did this weekend, I am posting a picture of the owl printed on a onsie so that you can see the design. If you are interested in purchasing one of these tee shirts please contact Angie or I, you can leave a comment here or email us. I hope to have pictures of all the different colors up soon, but we literally have any and all color combos. The one I have is navy blue with a gold owl in the center. The metallic screenprinted owls look really cool. I just wanted to put a quick post up tonight about them because I was so excited about our idea to give back to a place that I have enjoyed so much. AGAIN, if you can dream up a color combo we either have it or can make it :) Let us know what you think and if you'd like to purchase one!!!! I'll upload a picture of mine tomorrow.


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