Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Procrastination has got me thinking. Of course when I have soo much to do, so many things to finish before this weekend..I feel most inspired to sit down and put my feelings into words..not make jewelry or finish the one billion things I have on my list. Recently there have been a turn of events that have lead me to think about how thankful I am. So often you find yourself going day-to-day, same ole routine....ignoring the special moments and wishing for time to pass quickly for one reason or the other. I'm sure I don't let those most close to me know exactly how much they mean to me or how I'm sure I couldn't live with out them. My sister is my best friend and I don't tell her that enough. My parents are my greatest source of inspiration..through tough times and great times they have always been there for us....instilling in me a true sense of what family should be. I remember my first lesson in slowing down, I'll always be thankful for Mrs. Patterson, my high school freshman english teacher. She had us read "Our Town", a play by Thornton Wilder (which I recommend reading if you haven't already) and now every time I feel like life is getting too fast or I'm getting lost in the routine, I remember the theme of that play: To find joy in the monotony of every day life, to stop and smell the roses...be thankful for what you've been given. Seems like a very poignant lesson to be teaching 14 year olds, I'm surprised and glad that it really stuck with me.

So the point of this entry: The Hatch Market is fast approaching (THIS WEEKEND!!!), we're freaking out because this is our first juried art show....first trade show...first time we're going to get face-to-face feedback on our jewelry (from strangers :). We're running around like mad women trying to make sure we've covered all of our bases... So this is for you Ang!, calm down...enjoy the days before the madness. I love you and couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else. I'll try to take my own advice too!

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