Monday, May 11, 2009

ahhh...the sweet smell of success

We spent this past weekend in Griffin, GA (our home town) showing off our works of art at the Hatch Market. First of all we would like to thank everyone that had anything to do with putting the weekend together, everyone at Scoop Magazine, especially Jessica W., who was able answer the thousand questions I had before the event. Everyone was so helpful, as this was our very first art festival and we didn't really know what to expect. We're so new to the jewelry hustle. Just think, it was only 2 months ago that we got the idea to make our watch/clock piece jewelry and now we're actually selling it to people. It's really humbling to hear someone say "oooo I really like this one, I have to have it, how much is it?". So, all in all, it was a success. We will have the pieces that didn't sell plus a few we came up with this week on etsy. We met so many nice people this weekend and hope we picked up a few readers in the process!! This week are filing out the paper work to get our tax I.D. number....and making our little business legit. Then on to the oh so exciting merchant bank account opening. We'll post all the juicy details, so in case you're thinking about starting up your own business, maybe our adventures will some how help you on yours.

I'm going to leave you with pictures of our sweet set-up from the weekend and some new pieces we've made. They are in the most ridiculous order because blogger is being crazy and almost caused me to throw my computer out the window. I had to give up, I've been wanting to post this since Monday :) Happy Hump Day!!!

A birdie and a gear, 16in chain

a very cool mix of materials. wood, brass, gold, jade, and sterling silver (34 in chain)

The mustache tea cup coupons we gave out for tea and cookies

Mr. Kole Hamilton made an apperance

Enameled flower, tassel, wooden gear, and brass vintage clock hand (34 in sterling silver chain)

The jewelry "trees"my dad made for displaying the jewelry, so cool.

Angie, hard at work ;)

This is us Saturday, the booth looked a little different Sunday.

Dad made these too, to hold Angie's hand designed and screen printed bags

Okay, I'm done with blogging today, now all my words are underlined and bold, how annoying!!! :) (making me laugh a little bit too, of course this happens after having all the trouble copying/pasting pictures...ARG!)


Mary-Kate / MaRiKa997 / MK said...

I was so glad to see yall at Hatch Market! I am so sorry that I am broke and couldn't buy anything but I will once I get a job because I LOVE yalls stuff!! Congratulations on the business!!

Ronnie said...

Way to go girls! Your display was super duper. Hats off to Dad's handy work too.

erica said...

Oh Thanks guys!! We really appreciate the feedback and love it when other people like what we're doing. I think dad needs some business cards to hand out at the next event :)

Dawnie said...

Hi, there - I stopped by your booth Saturday and just fell in love w/your work. You guys do great stuff! Looking forward to following you and see what else comes out of your creative minds. :)

rebabell said...


I'm seriously soooo impressed! what a cool company and I love the jewelry. Congrats on doing this and good luck!