Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring has sprung!!

Right now we're preparing for the HATCH MARKET in Griffin Ga on May 9 and 10...a very good place to go for something unique and handmade for Mom's day!!! And we're in the process of putting more up on ETSY...which we're working on tonight as a matter of fact. We've got SO many cute ideas and just had a huge shipment of antique watch gears and parts come in, make sure you check out our etsy shop located to the left of our blog!!!

So, the main purpose of this blog is to provide me(erica) and Angie a creative outlet where we can write about all the people and things in our lives that inspire us and to also document the process of starting a small business. This week we will be getting our very own tax I.D. number, how exciting!! (note sarcasm) But we figure we should be able to write off all of these business expenses and make ourselves legit. We should also let you know that we are running our business in a very "green" way. Everything from our 100% recycled/biodigradable jewelry boxes to the recycled materials we use to make the jewelry to how we are going to recycle all of the other parts of the clocks we're not using (currently these parts are living in a box in the dining room, we'll let you know where/how we are able to recycle them). It's important that we leave only a very small carbon footprint and we're working hard to do so.

I also wanted to post some pictures of a ring I just got from Kristen Fountain Davis Designs (visit her etsy shop!!), the pictures do not do it justice...for some reason the automatic focus on my camera is not automatically focusing!! (HELP!) so either way, you should check her out, she makes the little birdie nest ring in whatever size you want and I've had nothing but compliments on it. Thanks again Kristen!!


(That Star Wars coffee mug was a birthday gift from Jason, a co-worker's son, Yoda is on the other side. He said he got it for me bc I'm short like Yoda...but I like to think it's bc I'm wise like Yoda. :)

Here are some pictures from this weekend!! For a second Friday night I thought we might get blown away by a tornado, but the weekend actually ended up being beautiful and the dogs had an extra special easter playing soccer in the back yard. Mom gave us the cutest easter presents (age does not matter in our household) and Dad made us all fresh blueberry pancakes Sunday morning. Thanks for being such amazing parents, we really lucked out. :)

Tucker has little man syndrome...

Me and my child

My Mom's green thumb still amazes me

My Mom and the biggest baby of them all, Sake

The girls

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