Thursday, April 9, 2009

Austin, Texas!!!!

Hi everyone! So I just visited Austin Texas--- Home of the Longhorns! I had never been to Texas and I always heard of how fun it is in Austin. We went to visit my roommate --Robbi's dad, Toni, who was more than excited to show us a good time and life around Austin. We stayed at the Driskill Hotel ( which is right on 6th street---where the craziest bars and live music can be found!! (we were there the week after SXSW). I especially loved the whole art scene, there was an open air market near the campus where most local artists can set up shop and sell their handmade treasures. We also visited a small art gallery called "art on 5th" ( ---obviously located in 5th street. There was a really awesome jewelry show going on while we were there and since Erica and I have been into the jewelry making I wanted to see what other artists were doing. (Very Cool!!!)

The people were so nice and laid back, we met some cool kids who took us to this park called Barton Springs, the springs is well known bc it stays 68 degrees all year!! There were dogs running around, frisbee throwing and bud light!...good times had by all.

Toni also took us to a Longhorns baseball was hard to cheer bc I am a Dawg! but we had a good time. We ate the most delicious foods, I can't really remember all the names of the restaurants, but everything was so good...especially the steaks!

The last night we went to this small restaurant where this local band "Carolyn Wonderland" was playing, Toni is a huge fan and was pumped to take us the see them. I loved the whole show! she played the guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, and trumpet!! amazing! ----check them out on youtube and !!!

All that said I had an amazing time and will definitely be visiting again in the near future!

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