Tuesday, August 11, 2009

summa time projects, what we've been up to

Expect more regular posts now that I'm not living in cardboard boxes. :)

My boyfriend had this great picnic table that was starting to fall apart due to neglect...and lots of rain. We decided that it needed to be revamped because of the sentimental value behind it instead of being thrown out. Sooo, in one Saturday afternoon we sanded it down, repaired some of the planks that had come loose, and re-stained it the best gray blue we could find. Most picnic tables are red so I thought the nantucket blue was way cuter, plus I'm all about mixing traditional with non-traditional. It was an easy and very cheap project...and it completely made over the old picnic table. Here are some pictures of the process:

We forgot to take real "before" pictures, but this is during the sanding and repair

It really only took one coat of the stain because we liked how the red
was showing through.

The finished product!!! So cute.

an up close view of how I got carried away with the sander,
no splinters on this puppy. :)

On to Jewelry:

We have applied to be in the juried art show "Arts in the Heart 2009" in Augusta Georgia, filled out the application, sent in the checks, and have gotten no response as to whether we've been accepted yet. It's only a month away!!!! I checked to see if the checks were cashed and one of them has been, so I'm not sure what that means. Either way, we're headed into the studio to make as much as possible in the shortest of time. AHHHHH! With Angie in Little Five Points and me in Athens, there will be lots of our individual style shown in the new pieces and lots of phone calls and picture texting. I think we need to set up some sort of video calling too. :)

Side note: We're loving the bib necklaces and have LOTS of ideas for watch gear versions.

Keep checking in with us. It's been a slow blogging summer but now that the craziness has died down we should be able to document all the pretty things in our lives a little more frequently.

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Grandma said...

Love the Nantucket Blue picnic table and benches! Great idea - I think you have some of your granddad's DNA. This is the sort of thing he likes to do, too.